Top 5 Free Apps

It’s always good to have the latest and best apps on your phone to help the time pass and with the weather getting worse, here’s some apps that can help pass those wintery nights by the fire.


  • Gangnam Dance Style – The global phenomenon has braced our phones again, this time through an app. This gives the public the opportunity to put their face on the body of Gangnam Style creator, Psy, and do the dance on your phone. You could even capture the image on your iPhone and create your own phone case with the image.
  • Dental Surgery – This app’s for the dentist in you. Go around the world meeting new people and their mouths and bring the surgery to your phone. This gives you the opportunity to put your dentistry skills into action by drilling and filling teeth in the comfort of your own home.
  • YouTube – If you haven’t heard of YouTube, where have you been for the past 5 years? One of the biggest and most visited website on the internet, this app can let you stream videos from anywhere and everywhere. Listen to your favourite song or watch a compilation of funny animal clips, whatever you want to watch, YouTube will have it.
  • Icon Pop Quiz – Instead of going down to your local to have your quiz fix, stay at home and challenge your friends. The app challenges your knowledge with quiz-like questions on your favourite movies, TV shows and characters. You versus your friends, who will win?
  • Fake Call from Santa – It was only a matter of time that a Christmas-themed app would brace the top 5 apps and this fairly clever but cruel invention is the first to do so. This is perfect if you want to help your child’s dreams come true by letting the app call your phone and pose and Mr Claus himself. This will definitely make sure your child put themselves firmly on the nice list this Christmas and could even create a perfect Christmas-themed case for your Kindle.

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