The Beauty of Then and Now Photos

Long before the epidemic of self-absorbed selfie shots and the blatant boasts of Instagram, photographs had a very specific purpose; they were meant to capture moments, preserve the fondest of memories and act as heart-warming keepsakes from times gone by. At the very heart of photography, this admirable purpose still remains, despite being obscured by the new-fangled ways of digital photography and its relationship with the weird but wonderful world of social networking. Luckily photography is adept at adapting to the new ways we have of making, keeping and thinking about it, for example, the Then and Now shot.

The Then and Now shot is spectacularly useful because it not only fulfils photography’s original purpose of memory-making and moment-capturing, it also offers a reference point. It adds a whole new dimension to photo appreciation, allowing you to clock and compare the changes that you have overlooked over the years. By looking at a photo of you and your school chums donning pristine uniform and gap-toothed smiles along with a photo of the same group in your glad rags at the pub last Friday, you can really see the changes that you hardly noticed at the time they occurred because you were too busy undergoing them. The best part is, nostalgia isn’t the only use for the Then and Now shot, you can use it to:

  • Make a collage of family shots over time and show your children how they (and you!) have changed, helping them to visually experience memories they were too young to really remember
  • Make the most of the craze for personalised phone cases and put a “before” photo of you on the case to act as motivation for weight loss or body building…keep pushing towards an “after” shot that you’ll be proud to flaunt on your phone!
  • Remind yourself or others of special dates and occasions with a collage of meaningful Then and Now shots; a happy couple’s engagement, wedding and first anniversary photos? A baby-bump photo timeline with the bundle of joy’s first portrait in the centre? Be creative and make it personal, Then and Now shots are perfect for allowing people to record and relive their most precious moments

Whether you use your Then and Now shots to preserve, prompt, entertain or motivate, you will enjoy the unique opportunity these types of shots offer; to remember and relive all of life’s little moments that occurred between the then and the now.


Avoiding The Dreaded iPhone Screen Smash

Phone cases are a necessity that many do not consider until it’s too late. However, you have the opportunity to purchase a perfectly good case that fits both your phone and your style.

There are tonnes of stylish cases that cater for all personalities and do the job well of protecting your phone to the highest standard. You will also find that many phone cases on the market are available at a reasonable price and are ideal for any type of smart phone.

As phones nowadays, especially touch screens are incredibly fragile making a phone case imperative for protecting the screen from cracks and shattering that can occur by simply being hit by your car keys in your pocket. Should you be a victim of the dreaded iPhone screen smash you will understand the costly expenses that come with repairing such a phone making a phone case a cheaper and safer alternative to waiting for disaster to strike.

If you’re not looking for a fancy phone case and like to keep things simple and new then there is a variety of transparent phone cases on the market that focus on the main objective of keeping your phone safe and secure during your travels. Alternatively, if plain and simple just isn’t your style, glammed up phone cases can be fantastic for expressing your true colours through photographs, quotes and anything else that makes you an individual amongst your friends. Personalised phone cases are a popular option in contrast with the plain colour cases for those who wish to share their personality with the world.

The Phone Maketh The Man

Many people like to personalise their own phone case in order to match and remember their profession. A teacher may imprint a proud picture of her and her whole class after they won on sports day or a wedding planner may choose to incorporate her favourite ever photo of a client’s venue onto a personalised phone case.  But what would architects use in remembrance of uncovering the pride and joy of their career?

Perhaps, as an architect, you have discovered a castle fit for only the most omnipotent of past kings that is complete with layers of jagged castellation and crumbling walls that whisper the secrets of a thousand years. Your pride in the project is highly understandable as I’m sure most of us would kill to be famous for uncovering a hidden historical building that plays a huge role in the history of Britain so why not make a souvenir of the day in commemoration of your remarkable discovery?

Personalised phone cases are a fantastic way to incorporate your dearest of memories with a precious object that is kept on you at all times – your smart phone. Just like humans, during the winter and even the summer your phone will be exposed to dramatic seasonal fluctuations meaning that it requires some form of protection in order to stay safe during the perils of British weather.

Not only can a personalised phone case keep your phone warm, cosy and safe it can also enhance the initial appearance of your smart phone by adding an idiosyncratic touch to your phone.

So, if you want to share your discoveries with those closest to you why not imprint a photograph of your unearthing so you can hold that day close to your heart forever.

6 Benefits of Phone Cases

Since the first time phone cases made appearance in the mobile phone markets, the popularity of such cases has only increased. However, if you want to know the reasons why more and more acquire phone cases, here is the list of 7 benefits that phone cases bring:

1. Phone Cases Save Phones From Scratches
Phone cases, no matter of which material they are made up of, save phones from getting starched.

2.  iPhone Cases Save iPhone Screens From Getting Broken
iPhone cases save expensive iPhone screens from getting broken. Cases for non-iPhone users are also easily available in the market to achieve similar protection.

3.  Phone Cases Give A Phone A New Look
Phone cases allow users to give their phones a brand new look. So no need to change an entire phone casing when a phone is scratched or worn out.

4. Personalised Phone Cases Let People Give A Personal Touch To Their Phones
Since the option of Personalised phone cases has made an entry, more and more people are personalising their phones now.

5. Phone Cases Are Good Gifts
Phone cases are extremely famous as birthday and anniversary gifts.

6.  Phone Cases Let People Show Others Which Celebrity/Athlete They Like
Thanks to the phone cases that have celebrity photos on them, every phone user is able to show others who is their idol.

Thus these are the 7 benefits of phone cases because of which everyone loves various kinds of cases. Feel free to tell us about your favourite feature of phone cases in the comments section below.

No Room For Pessimists This Winter

If you’re a frequent sufferer of the winter blues and struggle to find the motivation to tackle the harsh chills and otherwise depressing weather that the season brings then a personalised phone case could be the key to overcoming the bleak mood of winter.

We all have that one favourite quote or author that has the ability to turn our moody frowns upside down and gift us with the uplift we need to get through the day no matter how bad it may have turned out. Sound familiar?

If so, why not consider transforming the quote that floats around in your head into a reminder of a silver lining that hides behind the grey clouds of typical British winter by creating your own phone case to wear your favourite quote?

The beauty of this idea is that it will not only inspire you to make the most of the seemingly dreary day ahead, it will also spark the optimistic nature that has been trampled with the thought of rainy days and gloomy nights.

If you’re someone who enjoys having a different quote for every day of the week or you can’t decide between your 5 all-time favourite quotes then why not consider transferring them onto numerous personalised phone cases so that you can pick and choose the ‘quote of the day’ depending on how you feel.

Each poet or writer has a distinguished style of connecting to their readers through a flow of mesmerising sentences that aim to trigger certain emotions in an individual and with each individual a different emotion is sparked due to personal interpretation. Whether your favourite quote consists of tragedy or ecstasy it has the power to transform your bleak perception of the world into an idyllic fantasy.

So, whether it’s Oscar Wilde, Jane Austin or Lewis Carroll imprint your most treasured quote onto a personalised phone case today to banish those pessimist winter symptoms


Top 3 Worst Designs For iPhone Cases

There are some brilliant iPhone cases on the market today each serving the ultimate purpose of looking stylish and protecting your precious phone to the best of its ability. However, alongside the market of great fashion comes poor design and these phone case producers decided to take the latter option into a whole new world.

Let’s take a peek at some of the worst iPhone case designs currently on the market:


Now although rat’s tails may have been a ‘thing’ in the 90’s unfortunately racoon tails don’t quite make the cut in 2013. Now whoever decided that a phone needed a tail in order to survive a society of klutz’s obviously did not consider the recurring theme of small jean or jacket pockets and overestimated the public’s level of common sense to realise that the tail hanging out of someone’s back pocket in fact belongs to a phone and not a rodent, but honestly? Who could blame them?


I don’t know about you but I struggle to grasp the actual purpose of this phone case apart from allowing ‘unprivileged’ children who aren’t allowed a pet to have half of one. Sadly, despite the manufacturer’s efforts to imbed a country twist into the phone case business has not proved successful on the modern day market.

fas2Next on our list of the worst iPhone cases is known as the rodent fur cover. Now, if the name wasn’t enough to put you off how about the vision of leaving your phone outside on a rainy day with this phone case attached? Granted the case would do wonders protecting your phone however the ultimate result? You end up with road kill strapped to the back of an otherwise attractive smart phone. Sadly I don’t think the public meant grubby and grey when they mentioned the idea of nature phone cases.


Taking the cake at number one is a phone cover that is sure to deter any thieves from stealing your phone (and possibly your friends too!) Imagine this; you’re lying on the gorgeous sands of Alcudia beach and in the heat of the sun you just so happen to nod off, leaving your phone fully exposed to be stolen. You’re suddenly awaken by the cries of terrified beach-goers shouting and pointing in the sand by your side, you cautiously turn away from the audience and look where they’re frantically pointing to find… ah yes your phone with a lobster resting on top.

I wish I could tell you that you become the hero of the day, scare away the lobster and reveal a beautiful phone case however that would be misleading. Now why on earth a sane person would want a phone case that bears a life-size resemblance to a lobster I don’t know but what I know is that this is certainly no Sebastian. I think it is more than fair to say that this phone case is a definite no for all those who want to avoid their phone being thrown into the sea by a confused local.

Have you found any eye-burning, unpractical and overall terrible iPhone 5 cases in the UK that you’d like to share?

Top 5 Phone Case Categories

Phone cases are really useful. Users of various mobile phones use phone cases to protect their phones, to give them a fresher look, to have a style statement and so on. There are a number of categories from which smartphone users can chose their desired phone cases. Here are the top 5 phone case categories that are highly utilised while it comes to choosing a high quality and attractive phone case.


Whether it’s a red Ferrari or a black Lamborghini, every classy, unique and luxurious vehicle is found on various personalised phone cases.


A lot of people love animals. It doesn’t matter if one has a pet at home or not, he may be interested in buying things that have animal images made on them. Animal printed phone cases are one of the most browsed phone case categories of all times.

Cartoons/video games

Cartoons and video games aren’t just for kids. People of every age love to watch cartoons or play video games. This became the reason why more and more people started looking for personalised phone cases that have cartoons and video game images printed on them.

Sports Celebrities

Whether one is a fan of David Beckham, Maria Sharapova, Michael Jordon or Brian Lara; he would love to have his idol’s photo printed on their phone case. Thus a lot of people chose to have sport celebrity photos on their phone cases.


Who doesn’t love nature? A lot of people use images of nature on their phones to show their love towards the nature.

Customised cases

Customised cases are extremely famous and loved amongst the smartphone users. The fact that users can get their desired photo printed on a phone case, more and more people prefer customised cases over regular ones.

Thus, these are the top 5 phone case categories from which people pick their desired phone cases online and offline.