Top 3 Worst Designs For iPhone Cases

There are some brilliant iPhone cases on the market today each serving the ultimate purpose of looking stylish and protecting your precious phone to the best of its ability. However, alongside the market of great fashion comes poor design and these phone case producers decided to take the latter option into a whole new world.

Let’s take a peek at some of the worst iPhone case designs currently on the market:


Now although rat’s tails may have been a ‘thing’ in the 90’s unfortunately racoon tails don’t quite make the cut in 2013. Now whoever decided that a phone needed a tail in order to survive a society of klutz’s obviously did not consider the recurring theme of small jean or jacket pockets and overestimated the public’s level of common sense to realise that the tail hanging out of someone’s back pocket in fact belongs to a phone and not a rodent, but honestly? Who could blame them?


I don’t know about you but I struggle to grasp the actual purpose of this phone case apart from allowing ‘unprivileged’ children who aren’t allowed a pet to have half of one. Sadly, despite the manufacturer’s efforts to imbed a country twist into the phone case business has not proved successful on the modern day market.

fas2Next on our list of the worst iPhone cases is known as the rodent fur cover. Now, if the name wasn’t enough to put you off how about the vision of leaving your phone outside on a rainy day with this phone case attached? Granted the case would do wonders protecting your phone however the ultimate result? You end up with road kill strapped to the back of an otherwise attractive smart phone. Sadly I don’t think the public meant grubby and grey when they mentioned the idea of nature phone cases.


Taking the cake at number one is a phone cover that is sure to deter any thieves from stealing your phone (and possibly your friends too!) Imagine this; you’re lying on the gorgeous sands of Alcudia beach and in the heat of the sun you just so happen to nod off, leaving your phone fully exposed to be stolen. You’re suddenly awaken by the cries of terrified beach-goers shouting and pointing in the sand by your side, you cautiously turn away from the audience and look where they’re frantically pointing to find… ah yes your phone with a lobster resting on top.

I wish I could tell you that you become the hero of the day, scare away the lobster and reveal a beautiful phone case however that would be misleading. Now why on earth a sane person would want a phone case that bears a life-size resemblance to a lobster I don’t know but what I know is that this is certainly no Sebastian. I think it is more than fair to say that this phone case is a definite no for all those who want to avoid their phone being thrown into the sea by a confused local.

Have you found any eye-burning, unpractical and overall terrible iPhone 5 cases in the UK that you’d like to share?


Top 5 Phone Case Categories

Phone cases are really useful. Users of various mobile phones use phone cases to protect their phones, to give them a fresher look, to have a style statement and so on. There are a number of categories from which smartphone users can chose their desired phone cases. Here are the top 5 phone case categories that are highly utilised while it comes to choosing a high quality and attractive phone case.


Whether it’s a red Ferrari or a black Lamborghini, every classy, unique and luxurious vehicle is found on various personalised phone cases.


A lot of people love animals. It doesn’t matter if one has a pet at home or not, he may be interested in buying things that have animal images made on them. Animal printed phone cases are one of the most browsed phone case categories of all times.

Cartoons/video games

Cartoons and video games aren’t just for kids. People of every age love to watch cartoons or play video games. This became the reason why more and more people started looking for personalised phone cases that have cartoons and video game images printed on them.

Sports Celebrities

Whether one is a fan of David Beckham, Maria Sharapova, Michael Jordon or Brian Lara; he would love to have his idol’s photo printed on their phone case. Thus a lot of people chose to have sport celebrity photos on their phone cases.


Who doesn’t love nature? A lot of people use images of nature on their phones to show their love towards the nature.

Customised cases

Customised cases are extremely famous and loved amongst the smartphone users. The fact that users can get their desired photo printed on a phone case, more and more people prefer customised cases over regular ones.

Thus, these are the top 5 phone case categories from which people pick their desired phone cases online and offline.

How to fix iPhone cases

While many iPhone cases are sturdy and last for a very long time, some personalised phone cases are damaged or broken when dropped. Whatever the cause of iPhone damage, you cannot just buy another case because the one you had has been broken. Every user of customised phone has some memories attached to the case which is why he doesn’t want to throw away the case but to repair it. So here is how one can repair his phone case:

The repair process of your phone case would vary depending on the kind of damage it has and the extent of damage. If you have minor cracks in your phone case, you can easily fix it using a tape. You would need to paste the tape from the inside of the case which would require you removing the case before putting the tape.

However, if you are unable to fix the crack using a tape, you should use a superglue instead. However, you would have to be careful while applying the superglue to the case as it shouldn’t make direct contact with your skin. Also, you would have to be cautious while applying the glue as adding additional glue can create a bump inside the case which can tighten up the case and make it hard to put on the phone for you.

If you have a dent on your phone case, you can fix it up as well. You would need to buy a sheet of stickers that are applied on cell phones and other gadgets to personalise it. The sticker should be applied on the front of the case in order to hide the bump. You would have to ensure that the sticker you are using is big enough to completely hide the bump as well as look good after it has been applied.

Lastly, if your personalised phone cases have become lose and don’t fit on the phone anymore, you can use a piece of paper, foam or any other appropriate material to use as a packing material. You have to gently insert the packing material under the phone case and keep sliding it around until it makes the case fit properly. Voila! You have just fixed your iPhone case!

What to expect from mobile phones in the future

Mobile phones are advancing technologically at an extremely rapid rate, as shown by the progression of facial and voice recognition technology on Apple iPhones as well as wearable technology demonstrated by Google Glass. In response to the population’s increasing reliance on mobile phones, many questions are being asked regarding which innovative features companies such as Samsung, Nokia and Apple are developing and planning to implement on their products in the future.

What most people will react most positively to will be the plans to improve the battery life of mobile devices, so that customers can use them for weeks rather than hours. Gone will be the days of carrying around chargers and batteries wherever we go, instead PC Advisor predicts that we’ll be carrying around two or more smartphones instead: one for entertainment and another for core functions.

There’s been a surge of popularity for websites that allow users to create personalised phone cases using their own photos, reflecting recent reports that examine how mobile phones are increasingly becoming status symbols for their owners. However in the future, phones will become more personal than ever, using fingerprint technology, retina scans, and advanced facial and voice recognition, questioning the necessity of using protective devices such as glass protectors and nature phone cases in the future.

What will we be using these super-phones for? Writing emails and texts will become easier than ever, with companies developing transcription technology which will understand your voice and display your speech onscreen. Wearable technology will also prove extremely beneficial for the health and fitness industry through its built-in sensors, while also exercising more control over our everyday lives through taking pictures automatically and even selecting what is suitable for dinner based on the day’s events.

Phones will also become more important than ever before for making purchases and transferring funds, with Tesco’s Group Food Director Matt Simister predicting how physical hypermarket stores will cease to exist as buildings, with supermarketing shopping transforming from a “world of bricks to a world of clicks”.

Best Tips for Improving iPhone 5′s Battery Life

There are a lot of people who constantly complain of the poor battery life of the iPhone which leaves people unable to use their phone when they need it most. This leads to a great deal of inconvenience and frustration as smart phones have become an integral part of our lives; some of us cannot go without them for even a day! There is however some small tips and tricks which can help you improve your iPhone 5’s battery life and make sure that you never have to go through the trouble of having a dead phone in the middle of the day.

One of the quickest and the easiest ways which you can conserve your phone’s battery power is by decreasing the brightness of your screen. You have no idea how much the screen consumes battery and decreasing the brightness by even a bit can really improve battery life. Simply turn on the auto brightness of your iPhone and it will adjust the brightness according to your need.

Don’t Opt for metal back phone cases – Personalised phone cases that are made from metal are your cell phone battery’s worst enemy because they tend to drain the battery, which means that no matter how much you charge your phone, the battery will lose its power much faster than normal.

Disable LTE – Although LTE is lightning fast, it is unfortunately very harsh on the battery. If you are not using your LTE connection then it is best that you turn it off if you want to use your phone for the whole day.  Use Wi-Fi whenever you can and avoid LTE, this will enable you to use your phone for longer

One last thing that you would want to try in order to conserve battery is to switch off all your location services and Bluetooth. You don’t really need these functions to be on at all times so why waste battery on something that you will not need? Turn them on when you need them only and save power!

Choosing the Right iPhone Case

iPhone cases are great and can totally change the way your iPhone looks. However, sometimes choosing the right iPhone case can seem like a very difficult task when faced with the vast variety of designs available!

First of all, it is important to consider what kind of case best suits your needs and habits!

If you use your phone in a rough manner you need a phone with more protection. However, if you are more careful with your phone then a soft case could serve wonderfully. However, if you are a careful user but your phone is still vulnerable to scratches and dust because you keep it in the pocket with your car keys you would still need to make sure that you chose a durable case that can keep the phone safe.

You should also keep your budget and the number of personalised phone cases you need in mind as well.