4 Must Have Mobile Phone Accessories For Smartphone Users

The mobile phone industry has gone through numerous changes over the last two decades. In some cases, we even witnessed complete overhauls and redesigns in order to cope with the ever changing needs of mobile users. For example, the previous decade introduced a new contender in the mobile phone arena, the smartphone. This technological innovation spawned dozens of new products and accessories that are now found in every home on the planet. Today, we will talk about 4 must have mobile phone accessories every mobile phone user should have.

Mobile Charger – No doubt this is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about mobile phone accessories. They initially came as a basic home charger. Now there are various offshoots including the car charger, USB charger and portable charger; all of them are equally important for users according to their preference.

Batteries – Batteries are another important mobile phone accessory. One comes as standard with the phone. However depending on the frequency of use, some users prefer having a second battery as backup.

Hand-free Kit – Many countries have strict laws regarding phone usage while driving. In such instances, a hand-free Kit is quite literally a life saver. Hands free kits nowadays are highly sophisticated. They offer smooth voice quality and the reception is also very good.

Mobile Phone Cases – Such precious commodities need to be properly protected and safeguarded. This is where mobile phone cases come in. They started off as a protective gear but have now evolved into more of a fashion statement with so many designs and colours. Iphone 5 cases in UK are extremely popular. Some prefer personalised phone cases for their smartphones.

There is no question that the mobile phone industry has evolved at lightning speed over the last two decades. This evolution, in turn has made way for some truly ingenious ideas that have communicating more simple and stress-free.


Show Your Partner How Much You Love Them with a Phone Case


Sometimes it can be hard to tell your partner how you feel. This may be because you’re embarrassed to tell them how you really feel in case they don’t feel the same way, you might not really know how to express your feelings or maybe you are worried your partner will think you’re being too mushy.

Well we have the solution – why not make your own phone case, you could design a customised phone case just for your partner. This could have the best photo of the two of you together on it or it could be a cute little message like the one above.

We even had one guy that made his own phone case that said “I Love Your Buns” and a picture of a pair of buns. Here’s hoping his partner read between the lines and realised what a sweet and thoughtful gift the customised phone case was!

Personalise Your Phone Like You Personalise Your Car


So, you’ve personalised your car and made it look cute by sticking some really funky eyelashes on the bonnet round the headlights. When your friends see the car in the street they know it is yours straight away!

What about your phone? Have you personalised your phone case yet?

Why not let your fun and classy girlie side out by personalising your phone case too? You could design your own pink Barbie phone case, maybe make some huge eyelashes for your phone case so it matches your car or perhaps you could put a photo of your cute little car on a personalised phone case?

At least with a personalised phone case people know who the phone case belongs too!

Protect Your Phone

Protect your phoneWe all know how life works when it comes to electronic items, as soon as the warranty ends your electrical item will stop working. It’s like the product knows that it is no longer in warranty and breaks on purpose. You know that even though the warranty ended just yesterday there is still no chance the company you purchased the electrical item from will not help you unless you want to pay a small fortune to get it fixed.

Why not protect your electrical items as best you can to put off the chance of them breaking when the warranty ends? For example keep products like iPods, MP3 Players, smart phones and similar items in protective casing.

Protective casing may not sound like the most exciting purchase in the world, but when it comes to phone cases why not looking into designing your own phone case. You could personalise your own phone case to suit your needs and personality. You can make your phone case as fun and as exciting as you want to!