Want To Personalise Your iPhone5?

So you’ve just got your brand new iPhone 5 and at the moment it looks pretty similar to everyone else’s – how can you make your personal? Here are the instructions for making your iPhone5 screen more ‘you’;


Personalise Background Image:

Press Settings, then press Brightness & Wallpaper, press the field below Wallpaper. Then go to the required folder, click on the preferred image or picture, then press set. Finally press set lock screen, set home screen or set both. The background image on your phone is now personalised!

Add Bookmark to Standby Display:

Firstly you need to go to safari then to your preferred website page, click on the menu icon, press Add to Home Screen. You then need to edit the name of the bookmark to something you will remember and then ‘Add’.

Organise Menu Items:

To organise your menu items press and hold any menu item and until the item tab starts to jiggle, then drag the item to the place you would like it to be. If you would like to delete a menu item then press the item tab and hold down, a small cross will appear in the top corner, click on this to delete.

Personalise Your iPhone Case:

If you want to personalise your iPhone case then why not contact the guys at Fancy a Snuggle and see all the fab pre-designed cases they have, or maybe upload a photo of your own to turn into a case for your iPhone5 case!


Eat Your Phone Case

Yes, you heard right! You can now eat your phone case.


Survival Senbei have created a case for your iPhone 5 which is edible. The snack iPhone case shares same similarities with that of a Rice Krispies treat that wraps around your phone. In fact, the case is made from a brown rice Senbei cracker substance, perfect for when you’re peckish.

Even though this new case is completely useless at protecting your iPhone against any strains of day-to-day life, it has a price tag of $48. The phone case is unlikely to survive a drop or cushion your expensive phone when it falls on the pavement.

The creator has also warned against too much direct sunlight and humidity making it, well, useless! Unless, of course, you’re hungry. I advise those of you that suffer with sweaty palms to give this product a miss.

This is just another crazy idea from those technology geeks overseas that is unlikely to grasp the world by storm.

The strange design must have come from someone who enjoys eating their own greasy fingers and pocket fluff. When you’re bored of your new case, just munch away and leave your new iPhone naked and unprotected. Practical I know!

The inventor explains that each product is hand-made, which explains the ridiculous price tag for a phone that pretty much has no purpose. You might even be one of the lucky customer’s whose case hasn’t broke before it even gets shipped. If you too want to make your own phone case, then why not leave that to a company that isn’t completely mad. Add a picture to your case or maybe even some words, not rice crackers.

This way you can have a case that actually protects your phone from life and doesn’t leave your pocket full of rice every time you pull it out to answer a phone call.

Christmas Sales

Australian-FlagChristmas and the New Year celebrations have well and truly passed now and it’s time to decide what to spend those pennies on from your aunt in Australia.

The January sales are a perfect opportunity to purchase something worthwhile but of course there is a lot of junk that needs to be forgotten about first. The Jelly Bean Scented iPhone Case sounds like a good idea, but in practicality it’s really not.

jelly_beans_11Why not just go out and buy a pack of Jelly Beans, that smell the same, you can eat them and are a fraction of the price. To top things off this case is definitely not going to protect your phone anywhere near a normal case as its main intention is to smell.

So instead, why not invest in a phone case that is personal to you and protects your phone from every day’s little jumps and bumps. At least you can be proud to show your aunt what you’ve bought and she won’t feel like you have wasted her money on something useless.

I’m talking of course about a personalised phone case that you, yourself have created with an image or photograph. This iphone_5_caseway you can make the case personal to you or your aunt and don’t have to waste your money on some smelly plastic. You should also protect your phone because we all hate it when we drop our brand new handset and its wrecked.

So instead of having a phone case that smells out your pocket, why not buy one that has the subtle smell of nothing and has the main intention to protect your phone. Not only will it keep the condition of your phone in check but it will also be personal to you so you can smile everytime you get your phone from your bag or pocket.

Top 5 Free Apps

It’s always good to have the latest and best apps on your phone to help the time pass and with the weather getting worse, here’s some apps that can help pass those wintery nights by the fire.


  • Gangnam Dance Style – The global phenomenon has braced our phones again, this time through an app. This gives the public the opportunity to put their face on the body of Gangnam Style creator, Psy, and do the dance on your phone. You could even capture the image on your iPhone and create your own phone case with the image.
  • Dental Surgery – This app’s for the dentist in you. Go around the world meeting new people and their mouths and bring the surgery to your phone. This gives you the opportunity to put your dentistry skills into action by drilling and filling teeth in the comfort of your own home.
  • YouTube – If you haven’t heard of YouTube, where have you been for the past 5 years? One of the biggest and most visited website on the internet, this app can let you stream videos from anywhere and everywhere. Listen to your favourite song or watch a compilation of funny animal clips, whatever you want to watch, YouTube will have it.
  • Icon Pop Quiz – Instead of going down to your local to have your quiz fix, stay at home and challenge your friends. The app challenges your knowledge with quiz-like questions on your favourite movies, TV shows and characters. You versus your friends, who will win?
  • Fake Call from Santa – It was only a matter of time that a Christmas-themed app would brace the top 5 apps and this fairly clever but cruel invention is the first to do so. This is perfect if you want to help your child’s dreams come true by letting the app call your phone and pose and Mr Claus himself. This will definitely make sure your child put themselves firmly on the nice list this Christmas and could even create a perfect Christmas-themed case for your Kindle.

World’s Most Expensive iPhone Case

Phone case

We take a look at what iPhone cases your money can buy after the release of the ‘most expensive phone case’.

Mischa Barton was on hand in London recently, to unveil what is said to be “the most expensive phone case in the world.” Unique London has released the iPhone case even though many are still suffering from the economy.  Mischa, best known for her role in ‘The OC’, is pictured with the phone case which comes with an £189,000 price tag, likely to scare many buyers off.

The case is encrusted with rare pink and white diamonds, 18-carat rose gold and Italian leather, giving it a valuation that even a house would be proud of. This gives the case its name for being the priciest on the market.

Ms Barton was also introducing the rest of her ‘Unique by Mischa’ range of cases for the iPhone and iPad at the same event.

Now let’s look at something that doesn’t break the bank.

Fancy a Snuggle have a case that can be whatever you want it to be and at a fraction of the price. Forget the diamonds and the 18-carat gold, why not have a picture of the one thing that makes you smile? By having a personalised phone case, your iPhone can be as good a quality as the one sold by Unique London and you don’t have to take a mortgage out to buy one.

The case from Fancy a Snuggle is only £9.99 which makes the case well worth the price tag, unlike a whopping £189,000 for a case that’s going to need to be insured. Don’t have a personal image you want? Not a problem, there’s loads of designs already made just waiting to fit your phone or Kindle, nice and snug!

The King Is Back.

Elvis-Presley-009That’s right, it’s Elvis’ birthday on the 8th January.

If you’re an avid Elvis Presley fan, and I know a lot of you are, then you will probably already know this date has been coming. This day will not be a day of mourning but a day of celebration of the many years the ‘King’ was at the top of his game and producing music that paved the way for many of the artists today. He is an icon, so it’s understandable that Elvis still has a huge following.

It can often be hard to get a hold of celebrity memorabilia especially with someone of Elvis’ stature, but you don’t have to be ‘Elvis less’ for his birthday this year as you can create a phone case in his memory. By doing this, Elvis will always be back, in your pocket.

You could customize the phone case with his face, his name, his guitar; literally anything that you feel will remind you of him can be placed on the back of your phone. So, you can celebrate his birthday in style this year. It’s quick and simple too, so you can have a phone case that looks the business and only takes you a few minutes to make. It’s a win, win!

The celebration doesn’t have to stop there either as there are also free apps for a number of smart phones. You can get Elvis at your fingertips whenever you want with the app that gives viewers the opportunity to see any news Elvis-related instantly as well as being able to view his mansion. App owners can also see photo’s that are rare and can upload any pictures they have themselves.


This app is available on iPhone, iPad and Andriod, which means not only is the King back but he can be taken with you everywhere you go. Elvis personalised phone case and phone app … everyone would think it’s your birthday, not Elvis’.