World’s Most Expensive iPhone Case

Phone case

We take a look at what iPhone cases your money can buy after the release of the ‘most expensive phone case’.

Mischa Barton was on hand in London recently, to unveil what is said to be “the most expensive phone case in the world.” Unique London has released the iPhone case even though many are still suffering from the economy.  Mischa, best known for her role in ‘The OC’, is pictured with the phone case which comes with an £189,000 price tag, likely to scare many buyers off.

The case is encrusted with rare pink and white diamonds, 18-carat rose gold and Italian leather, giving it a valuation that even a house would be proud of. This gives the case its name for being the priciest on the market.

Ms Barton was also introducing the rest of her ‘Unique by Mischa’ range of cases for the iPhone and iPad at the same event.

Now let’s look at something that doesn’t break the bank.

Fancy a Snuggle have a case that can be whatever you want it to be and at a fraction of the price. Forget the diamonds and the 18-carat gold, why not have a picture of the one thing that makes you smile? By having a personalised phone case, your iPhone can be as good a quality as the one sold by Unique London and you don’t have to take a mortgage out to buy one.

The case from Fancy a Snuggle is only £9.99 which makes the case well worth the price tag, unlike a whopping £189,000 for a case that’s going to need to be insured. Don’t have a personal image you want? Not a problem, there’s loads of designs already made just waiting to fit your phone or Kindle, nice and snug!


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