Christmas Sales

Australian-FlagChristmas and the New Year celebrations have well and truly passed now and it’s time to decide what to spend those pennies on from your aunt in Australia.

The January sales are a perfect opportunity to purchase something worthwhile but of course there is a lot of junk that needs to be forgotten about first. The Jelly Bean Scented iPhone Case sounds like a good idea, but in practicality it’s really not.

jelly_beans_11Why not just go out and buy a pack of Jelly Beans, that smell the same, you can eat them and are a fraction of the price. To top things off this case is definitely not going to protect your phone anywhere near a normal case as its main intention is to smell.

So instead, why not invest in a phone case that is personal to you and protects your phone from every day’s little jumps and bumps. At least you can be proud to show your aunt what you’ve bought and she won’t feel like you have wasted her money on something useless.

I’m talking of course about a personalised phone case that you, yourself have created with an image or photograph. This iphone_5_caseway you can make the case personal to you or your aunt and don’t have to waste your money on some smelly plastic. You should also protect your phone because we all hate it when we drop our brand new handset and its wrecked.

So instead of having a phone case that smells out your pocket, why not buy one that has the subtle smell of nothing and has the main intention to protect your phone. Not only will it keep the condition of your phone in check but it will also be personal to you so you can smile everytime you get your phone from your bag or pocket.


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