The Phone Maketh The Man

Many people like to personalise their own phone case in order to match and remember their profession. A teacher may imprint a proud picture of her and her whole class after they won on sports day or a wedding planner may choose to incorporate her favourite ever photo of a client’s venue onto a personalised phone case.  But what would architects use in remembrance of uncovering the pride and joy of their career?

Perhaps, as an architect, you have discovered a castle fit for only the most omnipotent of past kings that is complete with layers of jagged castellation and crumbling walls that whisper the secrets of a thousand years. Your pride in the project is highly understandable as I’m sure most of us would kill to be famous for uncovering a hidden historical building that plays a huge role in the history of Britain so why not make a souvenir of the day in commemoration of your remarkable discovery?

Personalised phone cases are a fantastic way to incorporate your dearest of memories with a precious object that is kept on you at all times – your smart phone. Just like humans, during the winter and even the summer your phone will be exposed to dramatic seasonal fluctuations meaning that it requires some form of protection in order to stay safe during the perils of British weather.

Not only can a personalised phone case keep your phone warm, cosy and safe it can also enhance the initial appearance of your smart phone by adding an idiosyncratic touch to your phone.

So, if you want to share your discoveries with those closest to you why not imprint a photograph of your unearthing so you can hold that day close to your heart forever.


6 Benefits of Phone Cases

Since the first time phone cases made appearance in the mobile phone markets, the popularity of such cases has only increased. However, if you want to know the reasons why more and more acquire phone cases, here is the list of 7 benefits that phone cases bring:

1. Phone Cases Save Phones From Scratches
Phone cases, no matter of which material they are made up of, save phones from getting starched.

2.  iPhone Cases Save iPhone Screens From Getting Broken
iPhone cases save expensive iPhone screens from getting broken. Cases for non-iPhone users are also easily available in the market to achieve similar protection.

3.  Phone Cases Give A Phone A New Look
Phone cases allow users to give their phones a brand new look. So no need to change an entire phone casing when a phone is scratched or worn out.

4. Personalised Phone Cases Let People Give A Personal Touch To Their Phones
Since the option of Personalised phone cases has made an entry, more and more people are personalising their phones now.

5. Phone Cases Are Good Gifts
Phone cases are extremely famous as birthday and anniversary gifts.

6.  Phone Cases Let People Show Others Which Celebrity/Athlete They Like
Thanks to the phone cases that have celebrity photos on them, every phone user is able to show others who is their idol.

Thus these are the 7 benefits of phone cases because of which everyone loves various kinds of cases. Feel free to tell us about your favourite feature of phone cases in the comments section below.