Top 3 Worst Designs For iPhone Cases

There are some brilliant iPhone cases on the market today each serving the ultimate purpose of looking stylish and protecting your precious phone to the best of its ability. However, alongside the market of great fashion comes poor design and these phone case producers decided to take the latter option into a whole new world.

Let’s take a peek at some of the worst iPhone case designs currently on the market:


Now although rat’s tails may have been a ‘thing’ in the 90’s unfortunately racoon tails don’t quite make the cut in 2013. Now whoever decided that a phone needed a tail in order to survive a society of klutz’s obviously did not consider the recurring theme of small jean or jacket pockets and overestimated the public’s level of common sense to realise that the tail hanging out of someone’s back pocket in fact belongs to a phone and not a rodent, but honestly? Who could blame them?


I don’t know about you but I struggle to grasp the actual purpose of this phone case apart from allowing ‘unprivileged’ children who aren’t allowed a pet to have half of one. Sadly, despite the manufacturer’s efforts to imbed a country twist into the phone case business has not proved successful on the modern day market.

fas2Next on our list of the worst iPhone cases is known as the rodent fur cover. Now, if the name wasn’t enough to put you off how about the vision of leaving your phone outside on a rainy day with this phone case attached? Granted the case would do wonders protecting your phone however the ultimate result? You end up with road kill strapped to the back of an otherwise attractive smart phone. Sadly I don’t think the public meant grubby and grey when they mentioned the idea of nature phone cases.


Taking the cake at number one is a phone cover that is sure to deter any thieves from stealing your phone (and possibly your friends too!) Imagine this; you’re lying on the gorgeous sands of Alcudia beach and in the heat of the sun you just so happen to nod off, leaving your phone fully exposed to be stolen. You’re suddenly awaken by the cries of terrified beach-goers shouting and pointing in the sand by your side, you cautiously turn away from the audience and look where they’re frantically pointing to find… ah yes your phone with a lobster resting on top.

I wish I could tell you that you become the hero of the day, scare away the lobster and reveal a beautiful phone case however that would be misleading. Now why on earth a sane person would want a phone case that bears a life-size resemblance to a lobster I don’t know but what I know is that this is certainly no Sebastian. I think it is more than fair to say that this phone case is a definite no for all those who want to avoid their phone being thrown into the sea by a confused local.

Have you found any eye-burning, unpractical and overall terrible iPhone 5 cases in the UK that you’d like to share?