Top 5 Phone Case Categories

Phone cases are really useful. Users of various mobile phones use phone cases to protect their phones, to give them a fresher look, to have a style statement and so on. There are a number of categories from which smartphone users can chose their desired phone cases. Here are the top 5 phone case categories that are highly utilised while it comes to choosing a high quality and attractive phone case.


Whether it’s a red Ferrari or a black Lamborghini, every classy, unique and luxurious vehicle is found on various personalised phone cases.


A lot of people love animals. It doesn’t matter if one has a pet at home or not, he may be interested in buying things that have animal images made on them. Animal printed phone cases are one of the most browsed phone case categories of all times.

Cartoons/video games

Cartoons and video games aren’t just for kids. People of every age love to watch cartoons or play video games. This became the reason why more and more people started looking for personalised phone cases that have cartoons and video game images printed on them.

Sports Celebrities

Whether one is a fan of David Beckham, Maria Sharapova, Michael Jordon or Brian Lara; he would love to have his idol’s photo printed on their phone case. Thus a lot of people chose to have sport celebrity photos on their phone cases.


Who doesn’t love nature? A lot of people use images of nature on their phones to show their love towards the nature.

Customised cases

Customised cases are extremely famous and loved amongst the smartphone users. The fact that users can get their desired photo printed on a phone case, more and more people prefer customised cases over regular ones.

Thus, these are the top 5 phone case categories from which people pick their desired phone cases online and offline.