How to fix iPhone cases

While many iPhone cases are sturdy and last for a very long time, some personalised phone cases are damaged or broken when dropped. Whatever the cause of iPhone damage, you cannot just buy another case because the one you had has been broken. Every user of customised phone has some memories attached to the case which is why he doesn’t want to throw away the case but to repair it. So here is how one can repair his phone case:

The repair process of your phone case would vary depending on the kind of damage it has and the extent of damage. If you have minor cracks in your phone case, you can easily fix it using a tape. You would need to paste the tape from the inside of the case which would require you removing the case before putting the tape.

However, if you are unable to fix the crack using a tape, you should use a superglue instead. However, you would have to be careful while applying the superglue to the case as it shouldn’t make direct contact with your skin. Also, you would have to be cautious while applying the glue as adding additional glue can create a bump inside the case which can tighten up the case and make it hard to put on the phone for you.

If you have a dent on your phone case, you can fix it up as well. You would need to buy a sheet of stickers that are applied on cell phones and other gadgets to personalise it. The sticker should be applied on the front of the case in order to hide the bump. You would have to ensure that the sticker you are using is big enough to completely hide the bump as well as look good after it has been applied.

Lastly, if your personalised phone cases have become lose and don’t fit on the phone anymore, you can use a piece of paper, foam or any other appropriate material to use as a packing material. You have to gently insert the packing material under the phone case and keep sliding it around until it makes the case fit properly. Voila! You have just fixed your iPhone case!


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