Best Tips for Improving iPhone 5′s Battery Life

There are a lot of people who constantly complain of the poor battery life of the iPhone which leaves people unable to use their phone when they need it most. This leads to a great deal of inconvenience and frustration as smart phones have become an integral part of our lives; some of us cannot go without them for even a day! There is however some small tips and tricks which can help you improve your iPhone 5’s battery life and make sure that you never have to go through the trouble of having a dead phone in the middle of the day.

One of the quickest and the easiest ways which you can conserve your phone’s battery power is by decreasing the brightness of your screen. You have no idea how much the screen consumes battery and decreasing the brightness by even a bit can really improve battery life. Simply turn on the auto brightness of your iPhone and it will adjust the brightness according to your need.

Don’t Opt for metal back phone cases – Personalised phone cases that are made from metal are your cell phone battery’s worst enemy because they tend to drain the battery, which means that no matter how much you charge your phone, the battery will lose its power much faster than normal.

Disable LTE – Although LTE is lightning fast, it is unfortunately very harsh on the battery. If you are not using your LTE connection then it is best that you turn it off if you want to use your phone for the whole day.  Use Wi-Fi whenever you can and avoid LTE, this will enable you to use your phone for longer

One last thing that you would want to try in order to conserve battery is to switch off all your location services and Bluetooth. You don’t really need these functions to be on at all times so why waste battery on something that you will not need? Turn them on when you need them only and save power!


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