I Bought This with My Own Money


As most parents know, when a child says they really like something what they actually mean is ‘I really like this and I want you to buy it for me and I will be the most annoying child in the world, doing anything and everything in my power to pester you until you get it for me’.

But that’s parenting – kids will push their luck in hope that you will cave and give them what they want – but now a phone case company has come to the rescue, they are unable to give your child a new phone but they can offer one free phone case per person.

This means you child can go onto the website, chose a designed phone case or click on ‘create your own phone case’ to design their very own personalised phone case. This phone case company have then gone one step further and although they are normally the cheapest around (from just £7.99 for a phone case) they are currently doing a special offer until 31st August where they are offering one free phone case per person.

All your child has to do is pay the £1.95 for delivery and the personalised phone case is theirs for free!

Now at least your child can get something for themselves without nagging you constantly for it!


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