Are You Feeling Lonely Tonight?


There has been a new app created in South Korea, designed to make South Korean males feel less lonely. By paying a monthly amount they receive regular texts or emails throughout the day making them feel loved and therefore less alone.

In theory, it’s a great idea – sometimes there is nothing worse than checking your phone and nobody has text you. It’s also good for when you are out with friends and their girlfriends, wives or partners who are texting them constantly and you are sat watching nobody message you on your phone, well this app will change that!

This app is great for making those ex-girlfriends jealous too… when you see them out you can just happen to glance through the texts your ‘new girlfriend’ has sent you while she is looking over your shoulder – she’ll be begging to have you back as she knows someone else has you and then it’s your choice if you want to be taken back or not.

We understand it can be a lonely world out there, but would it be a better idea to get out there and meet a partner instead of pretending you have a partner?

Why not take it one step further and create your own phone case with a photo-shopped image of you and your girlfriend? You could make your own personalised phone cases showing the world what a gorgeous couple you and your girlfriend are!


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