What Can I Use To Call People?


It’s so easy to get lost in the excitement of a smart phone, you can send emails on it, play all sorts of games, take photos, video your mates, check your bank balance, check your location and the nearest places of interest, update your Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. You can also use your smartphone to play your favourite music, watch TV, check out the new funnies on YouTube, read the newspaper and so much more – smart phones are brilliant!

But what about when you just want to speak to someone and you want them to speak back… you don’t want to text them but actually hear their voice. You could go and see them but if they live far away then this is tricky so wouldn’t it be great if there was an invention that meant we could like pick up a phone and press a button and then hear a voice at the other end?

Wait a minute – a phone can do that! It’s called a phone call.

If you sometimes forget that you can use phone to call people then why not get a personalised phone case that reminds you, maybe make your own phone case with a picture of an old fashioned telephone on the back?


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