Want To Personalise Your iPhone5?

So you’ve just got your brand new iPhone 5 and at the moment it looks pretty similar to everyone else’s – how can you make your personal? Here are the instructions for making your iPhone5 screen more ‘you’;


Personalise Background Image:

Press Settings, then press Brightness & Wallpaper, press the field below Wallpaper. Then go to the required folder, click on the preferred image or picture, then press set. Finally press set lock screen, set home screen or set both. The background image on your phone is now personalised!

Add Bookmark to Standby Display:

Firstly you need to go to safari then to your preferred website page, click on the menu icon, press Add to Home Screen. You then need to edit the name of the bookmark to something you will remember and then ‘Add’.

Organise Menu Items:

To organise your menu items press and hold any menu item and until the item tab starts to jiggle, then drag the item to the place you would like it to be. If you would like to delete a menu item then press the item tab and hold down, a small cross will appear in the top corner, click on this to delete.

Personalise Your iPhone Case:

If you want to personalise your iPhone case then why not contact the guys at Fancy a Snuggle and see all the fab pre-designed cases they have, or maybe upload a photo of your own to turn into a case for your iPhone5 case!


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