Eat Your Phone Case

Yes, you heard right! You can now eat your phone case.


Survival Senbei have created a case for your iPhone 5 which is edible. The snack iPhone case shares same similarities with that of a Rice Krispies treat that wraps around your phone. In fact, the case is made from a brown rice Senbei cracker substance, perfect for when you’re peckish.

Even though this new case is completely useless at protecting your iPhone against any strains of day-to-day life, it has a price tag of $48. The phone case is unlikely to survive a drop or cushion your expensive phone when it falls on the pavement.

The creator has also warned against too much direct sunlight and humidity making it, well, useless! Unless, of course, you’re hungry. I advise those of you that suffer with sweaty palms to give this product a miss.

This is just another crazy idea from those technology geeks overseas that is unlikely to grasp the world by storm.

The strange design must have come from someone who enjoys eating their own greasy fingers and pocket fluff. When you’re bored of your new case, just munch away and leave your new iPhone naked and unprotected. Practical I know!

The inventor explains that each product is hand-made, which explains the ridiculous price tag for a phone that pretty much has no purpose. You might even be one of the lucky customer’s whose case hasn’t broke before it even gets shipped. If you too want to make your own phone case, then why not leave that to a company that isn’t completely mad. Add a picture to your case or maybe even some words, not rice crackers.

This way you can have a case that actually protects your phone from life and doesn’t leave your pocket full of rice every time you pull it out to answer a phone call.


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