The King Is Back.

Elvis-Presley-009That’s right, it’s Elvis’ birthday on the 8th January.

If you’re an avid Elvis Presley fan, and I know a lot of you are, then you will probably already know this date has been coming. This day will not be a day of mourning but a day of celebration of the many years the ‘King’ was at the top of his game and producing music that paved the way for many of the artists today. He is an icon, so it’s understandable that Elvis still has a huge following.

It can often be hard to get a hold of celebrity memorabilia especially with someone of Elvis’ stature, but you don’t have to be ‘Elvis less’ for his birthday this year as you can create a phone case in his memory. By doing this, Elvis will always be back, in your pocket.

You could customize the phone case with his face, his name, his guitar; literally anything that you feel will remind you of him can be placed on the back of your phone. So, you can celebrate his birthday in style this year. It’s quick and simple too, so you can have a phone case that looks the business and only takes you a few minutes to make. It’s a win, win!

The celebration doesn’t have to stop there either as there are also free apps for a number of smart phones. You can get Elvis at your fingertips whenever you want with the app that gives viewers the opportunity to see any news Elvis-related instantly as well as being able to view his mansion. App owners can also see photo’s that are rare and can upload any pictures they have themselves.


This app is available on iPhone, iPad and Andriod, which means not only is the King back but he can be taken with you everywhere you go. Elvis personalised phone case and phone app … everyone would think it’s your birthday, not Elvis’.



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