It’s My Name

Do you remember as a child when you would go to a souvenir shop and spin round the key ring, bookmark or pen stands scanning the rows for your name, and when youkeyring spotted your name you were over the moon. You felt so chuffed for your name to be on sale in the shops and had no idea that other people may also have your name. In fact, this thought never crossed your mind. You were the only person with your name and that was because you were special.

How would you like your kids to feel that special every day? Of course you do!

Well if you have an iPhone you can do that. You can upload a picture of your child, a photo of their drawing or even just their name and get it turned into a picture to go on the back of your phone.

There are lots of companies that do it, but shopping around you will see that Fancy a Snuggle do this for just £9.99. Other sites seem to be doing the same thing for at least £25!

iphone caseThe great thing about a personalised iPhone case from Fancy a Snuggle is that it will protect your iPhone, so if you do drop it, or one of your little darlings kindly drops it for you the Fancy a Snuggle phone case will help to protect it. Your iPhone is worth £300+, the personalised case costs just £10 so it’s a buy that is definitely worth its money.

As the case is just £10 you can change the photo regularly, as your child does some new art work, or snap a photo of them as they are doing something silly so every time you pick up your phone it will make you smile.

As you child gets older and they start to learn how to write their name you can quickly grab the camera and take a photo of that too, then upload it onto the Fancy a Snuggle website and get it turned into a phone case.

Your child will feel so happy that their master piece of art work is being shown off to the world.

Whatever you decide you would like on your iPhone case pop onto the Fancy a Snuggle website and see what ideas they have. Alternatively you can use one of the pre-logodesigned cases that are available on the website.

Personalise your iPhone, make it more you!


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